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Welcome to Crockett County

Crockett County, as it is currently, was organized on July 7, 1891. It covers an area of 3,215 square miles and is the 8th largest county in the state with a population of 4,078. Population density averages 1 person per square mile. Ozona is the county seat and is the only town in the county.

Crockett County sits on the western edge of the Edwards Plateau. The country ranges from level to rough, hilly terrain draining to the Pecos River on the west. Soils are rocky. Altitudes across the county range from 1,500 to 2, 500 feet above sea level.

Average yearly rainfall is 18.2 inches. Winters are usually fair and dry with mild days and cool nights. Temperatures usually range from the low 30s in early morning to daytime highs in the low 60s. Summer temperatures are hot in daytime, exceeding 90 degrees, but low humidity and clear skies permit rapid cooling immediately after sundown. Spring and fall are considered exceptionally pleasant.

All of Crockett County is range land. You will find the divide country on the north, with range grasses and mesquite. In the south, the country turns to brush, oak trees, draws and canyons. Rangeland consists of grasses, forbes, brush and woody plants that are utilized by livestock and wildlife.

Cash receipts for agricultural income are usually between $18 and $20 million a year. Some years have been as low as $13 million, due to drought and low market prices.